Risini, from Canada, was participating in one of our live services when Prophet Jerome Fernando located her and asked her what her question was. She began to explain her concern with regards to her fiancé, but before she could continue, the Man of God began to speak what was being ministered to him by the Lord over this girl’s life and prayed for an immediate rerouting of her life professionally. He revealed to her that at the age of 19, she could have easily gotten into the medical field. She was surprised because that’s exactly what she had wanted to do.

Then, Prophet Jerome informed her that even though that would have been the right decision at that time, that season was over and if she did want to get into the field in some way, he instructed her to get involved in the field of psychology. He informed her that her money was in being a professional.  

Then, the Man of God began to inquire about her initial concern with regards to her fiancé and spoke to her in a parable. She confirmed that Prophet Jerome had indeed repeated exactly what her fiancé had told her. The Man of God instructed the young lady that she already knew the answer to her question and to walk in faith in the purposes of the Lord.

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