When Prophet Jerome located Dixon on screen, the Lord ministered to him that Dixon had been hit hard in his finances in 2009 and unable to pick himself up since. He had been struggling for over 11 years and even lost his job 10 months ago. When he joined the service, he was without a job, taking hires on someone else’s trishaw on the daily, desperate for a breakthrough. However, his destiny was about to change that night. The Man of God gave him Prophetic instruction, prayed for deliverance, and declared a change in his season as his life hits reset completely!

A few weeks later, Dixon received the breakthrough he had been waiting for over 11 years. He received a call from a place he never thought about, let alone sent his CV to. They informed him that he was recommended by the MD and General Manager of his previous work and to his surprise, asked him if he could be the manager of a restaurant they were about to open! What a breakthrough! A decade of waiting came to an end and his life will never be the same!

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