Did Angels Deliver These Lost Documents After 9 Years?

Prarthana Mani and her Mother joined our Live service on Tuesday, from India. The Prophet of God, Prophet Jerome Fernando located her on-screen and began to reveal intricate details of her past, which Prarthana confirmed to be accurate. Prarthana requested prayer for an ancestral property that she wanted to sell but was unable to as the documents of the property were stolen and she went on to say that this was the reason they decided to join service that day. The Prophet declared the property documents to appear from nowhere, that the real enemy will also be exposed and that the hand of God will be upon everyone concerning similar situations. A week later, Prarthana got back to us saying the stolen documents came to them via mail from the very person who had taken them within 13 hours after the Prophet declared the word. We praise God together with Prarthana Mani for this miracle!

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