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My earthly parents were at a difficult stage in their life when I was conceived. I was born in a basement with no electricity which they rented due to lack of finances. Myself and my brother grew up watching the faith of my mother who held on to the word of God and his promises, while my father wasted that time as a non-believer. While in School we lacked a lot of basic comforts. I relentlessly pursued to be a great sportsman. I excelled at cricket where I first represented my school then to represent Sri Lanka in the international arena. At the age of 16 I received the saving grace of our lord Jesus Christ and God’s call upon my life started to resonate greatly.

King's Revival Church was birthed in our home with a small gathering of people in Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka. My parents Pastor Wendy and Jayalath Fernando humbly welcomed souls searching for God into their home, and many flocked their doors and became the mega ministry it is today. Myself and my precious wife Pastor Melanie are blessed with two blessed children Mikkela and Heavenya. We are blessed to be under the spiritual covering of my spiritual parents Prophet Uebert Angel and Prophetess BeBe Angel. My life, My Ministry is to do the will of my Abba Father as he has called me.

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The Pattern for Prophetic Parenting with Prophet Jerome Fernando
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Nasya Catherine and her father attended one of our Global healing services, via Zoom, to seek healing for an eye ailment that the little girl had been suffering from. She had been unable to see from her right eye and had to wear an eye patch. The Prophetic MRI, Prophet Jerome Fernando revealed that she was suffering from compressed nerves in her eye. This was confirmed by the girl's father, who said doctors had said the same thing. As the Prophet ministered to her over Zoom, praying for her healing, amazing changes took place. Seven days later, the little girl returned to the service with the joyous testimony that following the prayer she had received, her eyesight had begun to return to normal. We praise God for what he has done!

On the 22nd of August, this precious family joined our live service while battling COVID - 19 in their house. As Prophet Jerome Fernando spoke to the family, we witnessed the lady lying on the bed struggling to breathe. The Prophet inquired as to why they had not taken her to hospital, the family explained that they were all battling the virus and that it was just at that moment that the lady started struggling to breathe. The Man of God with an outstretched arm towards the screen declared the lady healed in the name of Jesus! On Tuesday the 24th of August, the family joined our LIVE service and testified for the glory of God. The lady explained how she thought she would lose her life as her hands and feet had started to go numb and she was struggling to breathe that day, but that the very moment the Man of God prayed she was completely healed! Hallelujah! We rejoice thank and praise God for this miracle!

Bernadene who was suffering from a hip infirmity for 30 years joined one of the Tuesday live Zoom meetings where Prophet Jerome was ministering. She had tried all kinds of medicine but there was still no cure. She said she hated the Man of God and didn't want to listen to any of his sermons but because her son told her to join she started listening to the Prophet. As she joined last Tuesday the 20th of July, the Prophet was ministering to someone else for healing, but Bernadene received that to herself and as she received it she started to feel like someone was doing surgery on her hip for 10 mins. And just like that she no longer felt any pain. From not wanting to listen to the Man of God to joining the service and receiving complete healing! We thank God for what he has done in this precious lady's life!

Devika from Mauritius was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and had been joining our Global healing services for 5 months in faith that she will receive her miracle. The eyes of God located this persistent lady and the Prophet asked her to crush the paper she was holding up with her condition written on it and throw it over her head. Devika did exactly so and returned back to one of our services to testify of her complete & miraculous healing! We give God all the praise!









Welcome to the Glorious Global Church of Prophet Jerome Fernando Ministries. You have made a great decision to join the great move of God along with Prophet Jerome Fernando.


This couple, who were expecting a child attended the House of Hope Service, disheartened because they had just been informed by their doctor that they could not find the baby’s heart beat. During the service, the Man of God, Prophet Jerome began to declare ‘Your child will live! The doctor’s report will change!’ The couple received this word in faith, hoping for a miracle in their hopeless situation. 2 weeks later, the doctor informed them that there was no need to be concerned as they would have a healthy baby. One year later, the couple came forward at the Negombo Sunday Service along with their miracle baby! A missing heart beat was revived, the supernatural had taken place! All glory to God!
Risini, from Canada, was participating in one of our live services when Prophet Jerome Fernando located her and asked her what her question was. She began to explain her concern with regards to her fiancé, but before she could continue, the Man of God began to speak what was being ministered to him by the Lord over this girl’s life and prayed for an immediate rerouting of her life professionally. He revealed to her that at the age of 19, she could have easily gotten into the medical field. She was surprised because that’s exactly what she had wanted to do. Then, Prophet Jerome informed her that even though that would have been the right decision at that time, that season was over and if she did want to get into the field in some way, he instructed her to get involved in the field of psychology. He informed her that her money was in being a professional. Then, the Man of God began to inquire about her initial concern with regards to her fiancé and spoke to her in a parable. She confirmed that Prophet Jerome had indeed repeated exactly what her fiancé had told her. The Man of God instructed the young lady that she already knew the answer to her question and to walk in faith in the purposes of the Lord.
Prarthana Mani and her Mother joined our Live service on Tuesday, from India. The Prophet of God, Prophet Jerome Fernando located her on-screen and began to reveal intricate details of her past, which Prarthana confirmed to be accurate. Prarthana requested prayer for an ancestral property that she wanted to sell but was unable to as the documents of the property were stolen and she went on to say that this was the reason they decided to join service that day. The Prophet declared the property documents to appear from nowhere, that the real enemy will also be exposed and that the hand of God will be upon everyone concerning similar situations. A week later, Prarthana got back to us saying the stolen documents came to them via mail from the very person who had taken them within 13 hours after the Prophet declared the word. We praise God together with Prarthana Mani for this miracle!
Prophetic Unveiling of God’s Predestined Plan
The Prophet of God revealed the predestined plan of God for this precious couple through prophetic instructions, revealing where their success is located. Hiruni and Pasindu submitted to God`s word and obeyed the Lord`s instructions and was able to make a smooth transition to where their Grace was in the midst of a pandemic. For Hiruni and Pasindu, this was an indication that God will cause doors to open for his children no matter how testing the times were around them. We thank and praise God for this testimony!